Missed Classes

You are expected to pay every month even though we may be closed for a holiday or you may be sick. There are months with five lessons which will balance out the holiday closings. If you miss because of sickness you may make up this class. Please work this out with your teacher. No refunds or reductions are made for missed classes.


Tuition can be paid any day of the month. Tuition can be paid monthly, but it is understood that classes are for the full school year. Refunds are not given for any days missed. Tuition has already been pro-rated to include holidays.

If you have twins, you pay for one and the other one is free.  If you have triplets, you pay for one and the other two are free.  If you have 3 siblings, you pay for two and the third one is free.

Studio Closing (Weather Related)

We do not necessarily close when school is closed due to bad weather. Please call the studio to hear a message regarding closings. We do not close the studio on teacher workdays. If we are closed for bad weather you will get notification the following week about a make up date.