General Information

Recreational Dancing is a great way for your child to learn a variety of techniques and dance styles while dancing as an extracurricular activity. You can select one of our Charlotte, NC area dance studios below for the schedule and register online here.  We have classes for all levels of dancers from ages 2 through 18

Recreation Dance Schedule
Visiting Days

The LAST lesson of each month you will be invited in the last 10 minutes of the class to observe. This is a “mini” visiting just to show you the progress made each month. The following dates are “full” visiting lessons. You may come and spend the entire class visiting. Be sure to bring your video camera.
Please plan to visit on these dates as each child is very proud to have a visitor.

Dancer of the Week
  • Every week five children from each of our locations will be chosen as Dancer of the Week. The criteria used will be:
  • On time to class
  • Follows directions
  • Pays attention
  • Is a good friend to all students
  • Has a good attitude
  • All around good student

The Dancers of the Week will take home a sign for your yard telling the “whole world” you have a Dancer of the Week living there! You will keep this sign for one week then bring it back for the next dancer chosen.